Maryland Solar Energy News – Green Is Giving Back

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The past few weeks have been busy with the solar industry with the PV America East expo wrapping up, Honda partnering with Solar City and new PV solar panel technologies being unveiled. Here are some things going on around the solar industry in the Mid-Atlantic.

Be Green and Save Green. A Maryland solar energy company is offering a free solar workshop to homeowners interested in making the switch to solar. The workshop is being held on March 16th, St. Patty’s Day, and will focus on the local solar industry, how solar works, the latest technologies and financial concerns.

Honda in the Home Solar Game. A recent partnership has been formed between Honda and Solar City in hopes of inspiring residential solar growth across the country. Honda will be offering financing options for $65 million worth of residential solar panel systems installed through Solar City. This not only helps Honda’s push towards a ‘greener’ branding image but many American’s ability to afford making the solar switch.

Workforce Development within Multiple Industries. The Hagerstown-Washington County Industrial Foundation (CHIEF) has implemented a workforce development strategy for “five priority projects” that have yet to be selected. This is good news for the solar industry, as training programs will help solar companies hire more skilled, trained workers.

Maryland Residential Solar Initiative. The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) has announced they will fund over $3 million worth of solar upgrades to low-middle income Maryland families. There are 43 planned projects across 18 counties in Maryland including Baltimore to aid those less fortunate as well as creating jobs for solar installation firms. The initiative is estimated to offer Maryland residents almost $7 million in energy savings during the lifetime of the project.

From free workshops to $3.3 million energy efficiency grants, everyone is finding a way to help others in one way or another. Solar energy is a sustainable circle that’s aids everyone involved, including the Earth.

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