Maryland Solar Energy News – Wrapping Up December 2012

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As we get ready to dive into the New Year, the solar energy industry continues to move forward with new developments all across the country, and Maryland, once again, is no exception. Maryland will see a variety of advancements in solar energy, solar industry jobs, and solar PV in the coming months. The following is some of the latest developments in the state.

  • Smart Grid / White Oak Maryland - Maryland will soon have a solution to power outages following a natural disaster. The newest development, smart grid, will help reduce power outages to homes and businesses and reduce how long the outage lasts. The smart grid allows for shared power across sectors by utilizing renewable resources.
  • Powerhouse Solar Singles / State of Maryland – Dow Chemical Company, located in Michigan, has developed a roofing material that lets homes and businesses use solar energy with their roof. The powerhouse solar shingles will turn the sun’s rays into electricity, allowing for convenient solar power and a reduction in energy costs. It is now available in seven states, including Maryland.
  • Solar PV / State of Maryland – Maryland is looking at an increase of the solar energy market, per the US Solar Market Insight: Third Quarter 2012 report. The report revealed a 44% increase in the solar photovoltaics (PV) market in the US, which makes 2011 the third largest year in history for solar power. PV converts sunlight to electricity and there are currently 5.9 gigawatts of PV from over 271,000 installations in the U.S.
  • Solar Energy Job Market / State of Maryland – 2012 marks the year for a job market expansion in solar energy. Maryland job seekers will have new opportunities in the solar industry with an increase of 13.2% of jobs in the industry. Jobs are defined as those where the employee spends at least half of their working time on solar energy. Individuals in Maryland can expect to see even more solar energy jobs in the new year.

Whether it’s solar industry jobs or the modernization of electrical grids, the State of Maryland is poised for growth in solar energy improvements and expansions anywhere the sun shines.


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